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Welcome to Bridge Farm Primary PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

The PTA is a group of parent and staff volunteers who organise fundraising activities for the school. The PTA aims to provide the 'extras' that the school is unable to finance from the normal budgets, through events and activities that are fun for the children and their families.

This year we have assisted with funding a public access defibrillator for the school, uniform for the Basketball Team (also used by other sports teams), new digital cameras for every class, funding for Year 5 to attend the Brilliant Bristol course, several thousand pounds worth of whole school Maths resources, History resources and a new PA/audio system for both halls that can also be used outside. More recently we have also approved funding requests for books to allow the implementation of a more structured ‘free readers’ scheme, DT resources for the whole school, a projector screen and new adult dictionaries and thesaurus’ for the Year 6 classes. As you can see, the money raised by the PTA make a massive difference to the experience of every child at Bridge Farm!

What have we been up to recently?

In Term 5 we had our final Fairy Cake Friday (Year 6 Bake) which was a sell out and raised £132. Fairy Cake Fridays have now raised just over £1200 since September and I’m sure you’ll agree this is a fantastic achievement! Thank you so much for all your support. We also held the 2015 Bridge Farm Bake Off which had some brilliant entries – this event raised £90. Congratulations to the all those who won certificates and especially to KS1 Star Baker Archie Davey; KS2 Star Baker Neeve Sheehan; Parents Challenge Winner Amy Goldsworthy and Staff Showstopper winner Mrs Rogers! In addition to lots of cakes, we also raised just over £80 with our Rags 2 Riches collection so thank you to those who brought bags in for us.
Our final events for this school year are Ice Cream Friday, held each week, weather permitting, and John Lawson’s Circus and summer fayre on Friday 3rd July. Our refreshments and stalls will be open from 3:15pm as soon as school ends, right up until the end of the interval of the second show (around 7:45pm) so make sure you come prepared to have a snack and play a few games with the kids before or after you’ve visited the circus. You’re also welcome to come along even if you aren’t visiting the circus, of course! We have raised an amazing amount this year and alongside all previous funding requests we have also approved the purchase of new ‘free reader’ books, adult dictionaries and thesaurus’ for Year 6, a large projector screen and whole school DT resources. The total spent on school funding requests so far this academic year is around £10,000! This is an incredible achievement and we couldn’t do it without your support, so thank you!

The PTA always needs new faces and new ideas!

If you would like to help with fund-raising activities, in any way at all, then please consider coming along to one of our committee meetings. There will be no pressure to get involved, but you may like to find out more about what we're doing.

We would really welcome new faces as the PTA Officers will be changing for the 2015/16 school year – if you might be interested please email us, contact us on Facebook or through the Meadow office. Without Officers (a Chair and Treasurer are legally required, and a secretary is also needed) the PTA will be unable to continue.

At committee meetings we plan what events we want to run, who can organise them and who will help, and how we will spend the money that has been raised.

It's an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. You can also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are directly benefiting your child's learning environment.

You can contact the PTA via email.

We send out a newsletter each term to keep you up to date, and we have a meeting every term to discuss our next events - the dates for the coming year are listed below, so why not come along.

Dates of committee meetings in the forthcoming year are:

Wed 16th September 2015 7:00pm Meadow Staff Room.


Forthcoming events

Term 6

PTA Officers are:

Chair: Louise Taylor
Treasurer: Lynne Watson
Committee Members: Geoff Mason, Jess Tully, Rachel Farmer, Rachel Hooper, Donna Sanders, Louise Elcox, Nick Maynard, Jo Deane..

If you would like to get in touch with the PTA:
Please feel free to approach any of the representative members named on this linkPTA representatives - there are usually at least a couple of them in each playground every day; or
You can email the PTA at
Complete a Feedback/comments form and hand it in to the school office,

Download the Feedback Form (PDF)

Or visit our Facebook page - search Bridge Farm Primary PTA on Facebook and you should find us.

Other ways you can support the PTA and raise funds for Bridge Farm Primary are:

Do you work for a large national/multinational company? If you have a charities department it may be that your employer operates match funding – they will often donate a specific amount to charities such as the PTA if one of their employees is organising or helping at an event. For example, a PTA committee member works for a large company who match fund up to £250 – she organised an event which raised well over this amount and we were given £250 by her employers. It was as simple as filling out a form with their charities department! If you think this is something you could help us with, please get in touch.