• Mr Geoff Mason

    Head Teacher

  • Mr Robert Farley

    Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor

  • Mrs Jo Deane

    Clerk to the Governors

  • Mr Matt Stannard

    Co-opted Governor / Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs Elizabeth Cocks

    Local Authority Governor

  • Mrs Alison Sheppard

    Co-opted Governor

  • Josephine Hall

    Co-opted Governor

  • Mrs Anne Falconer

    Associated Governor

  • Mrs Priya Krishnan

    Co-opted Governor

  • Karen Davey

    Parent Governor

  • Lynne Watson

    Vice Chair / Parent Governor

  • Rachel Drew

    Staff Governor

  • Sonya Williams

    Co-opted Governor

Committee Group Membership and Chairmanship

Finance and Personnel Committee

Karen Davey, Rob Farley, Matt Stannard, Geoff Mason, 

Curriculum and Standards Committee

Alison Sheppard, Anne Falconer, Rob Farley, Matt Stannard, Geoff Mason, Lynne Watson, Priya Krishnan and Rachel Drew.

Premises and H&S Committee

Rob Farley, Matt Stannard,Dawn Rogers,Geoff Mason, Phil Smith and Josaphine Hall. Jason Brady and Steve Taylor are invited to attend the meetings.

Safeguarding Committee

Chair: Liz Cocks. committee- Matt Stannard,Geoff Mason, Lynne Watson,Charlotte Yeo-Smith, Sonya Williams, Rachel Drew, Dawn Rogers.

Discipline Committee

Rob Farley, Alison Sheppard, Lynne Watson

Staff Dismissal Committee

Rob Farley, Liz Cocks and Phil Smith

Staff Dismissal Appeal

Alison Sheppard, Lisa Beacham and Louise Taylor

Pupil Exclusion

Rob Farley, Geoff Mason and Alison Sheppard

Pupil Exclusion Appeal

Liz Cocks, Josephine Hall and Matt Stannard


Liz Cocks