Miss Allen

Term 5

This term Year One have been answering the question, ‘How do Oliver’s vegetables grow?’


1LA have had another fantastic term. We have really enjoyed learning all about growing plants in Science! We learnt about all the things a plant needs to help it to grow and then had a go ourselves. Take a look at the pictures. Can you guess what we are growing?


In Maths this term, we have been learning about place value within 100. We used the tens and ones to make different numbers and then used this skill to compare and order numbers. We have also been getting to grips with multiplication and division by learning how to make groups and arrays. We have been developing our problem solving skills by answering reasoning questions as a class and learning how to explain our answers.


In English, we have enjoyed reading ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and retelling the story. We then wrote our own vegetable poems and performed our poetry – take a look at the photos of us doing the actions! We also enjoyed the book, ‘Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention’ where we created our own inventions and wrote instructions on how to build and use them!


During our Art lessons, we have been looking at artwork by the artist, Paul Cezanne. We have had a go at mixing colours and creating our own versions of his still life paintings.





Term 4

1LA have had a brilliant Term 4! It was a slightly strange term as we started it home learning but are now all back together in the classroom. Miss Allen and Ms Tayler could not be more proud of the way we have returned to school and shown that we really are Resilient Rhinos!

In English this term, we have been reading Alice in Wonderland. We imagined what we might find if we found ourselves in Wonderland and wrote postcards to the children at Bridge Farm Primary School. We also planned a tea party, just like the Mad Hatter. We wrote a shopping list of the things we would need and wrote invitations. We learnt lots of new vocabulary.

Our topic this term has been “Why was Isambard Kingdom Brunel so important to Bristol?”

We learnt all about his brilliant designs such as The Clifton Suspension Bridge, SS Great Britain and The Great Western Railway. In English, we wrote a persuasive paragraph to encourage people to visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge – Miss Allen was incredibly impressed with some of the language we used!

We were also really lucky to have a delivery from the SS Great Britain Museum! They sent us some clothes that the passengers on the ship would have worn and some artefacts, including a ship biscuit, ask us what this is!

In Science, we have been doing lots of investigations. We made our own boats out of plasticine to see if they could float and then looked at how much cargo they could carry and how we could make them move. Take a look at the photos.

In Art, we have been using our drawing skills to draw some of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s designs, including The Clifton Suspension Bridge and the SS Great Britain. We also made our very own Victorian vases.

In Maths, we have been working really hard to add and subtract 2-digit numbers using the tens and ones resources.

We have had a brilliant term



Term 3

Term 3 has been a little bit different to usual and we have missed being all together but Miss Allen couldn’t be prouder of what we have managed to achieve either in school or at home!


Our topic this term was, ‘What was life like for children during the Victorian times?’

Through both History and English lessons, we have created information texts and posters from the facts we have found throughout the term. Ask us all about the Victorian times!


In English this term we enjoyed reading the story ‘Old Bear’. We used our imagination and had a go at thinking of lots of different ways that the toys could save old bear. Miss Allen was very impressed with some of the ideas that we came up with!


We have been learning lots of different ways to add and subtract in Maths! This term, we really got to grips with how to use a tens frame.  


In Art we have explored a range of different things: Willow plates, Victorian Vases, and how to control a paintbrush. We even had a go at making our own vases! Take a look at some of the photos!


Our Science topic this term was materials and we have been carrying out lots of investigations in school and at home! Take a look at the photographs to see some examples of how we carried out our tests.

Term 2

Wow! 1LA have had a busy Term 2!

Our theme this term was, “What is amazing about African Animals?’ We found out lots of fascinating facts!

In Science, we have learnt how to describe the features of different animals, classify animals, recognise different animal adaptations AND identify if animals are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores! We have learnt lots of facts along the way, ask us something about meerkats or lions!


In Maths this term, we have been learning all about shape, money, fractions and measuring.

In English, we read some excellent books including Siba and Saba. We loved this story as it helped us to think about our hopes and dreams just like Siba and Saba. We also enjoyed ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’ where we learnt the story and retold it from Gerald’s point of view.


Take a look at our wonderful Art Work. This term, we created some African Animal prints. We had to design our own tile, carve it out and then print it. We then used our prints to create the wonderful weaves you can see in the pictures!

Term 1

1LA have had a fantastic start to Year 1! It was a slightly different start to the year but we have settled in really well following our class charter rules – ask us what they are!


This term, we have been learning all about ‘ourselves’. We enjoyed creating our own self-portraits and reading our story “What makes me a me?”.


We used the story to help us write letters to our teachers telling them all about ourselves. We also enjoyed reading Peace At Last and re-told the story with our own characters.


In Maths, we have been using the numicon to show our understanding of number and now to add and subtract too!