Miss Apsey

Term 5

Term 5 has been so exciting! This term we have been answering the question: ‘How do Oliver’s vegetables grow?’. To do this, we have been busy planting lots of different things. In Science, we each planted a pea seed. We talked about all the different things this pea seed will need to grow, like water, nutrients for the soil, warmth and sunlight. We have been trying our best to keep them healthy! We then discussed what would happen if a plant doesn’t get all they need to grow. So we made some predictions and then planted some cress, taking away one essential element each time! Have a look at the pictures to see what we found!

We have also planted some Sunflower seeds to watch them grow. We can’t believe how tall they are already!


In English we have been exploring lots of different books. We looked at Oliver’s Vegetables, and wrote our very own diary entry that described a time we visited an allotment. Luckily, we have an allotment next to school, so we had a little peek through the fence! Then we read Izzy Gizmo’s Invention Convention where we came up with some instructions on how to build our very own inventions. This was very exciting! We were so creative and came up with some super ideas! We have also explored some vegetable poetry, and are going to have a go at writing our very own poem on fruits and vegetables. We can’t wait!


We have been really busy in Maths this term. We were introduced to multiplication and division and have been looking at sharing and grouping resources equally. We have also learnt how to use arrays to our advantage too. Then, we looked at some problem solving questions together and we worked as a team to decide how we answer them. Hopefully, this will help us answer some of our chilli challenges in the future!  We have started to look at Turns, where we learnt our left rights, and we have also been looking at place value to 100!



Term 4

Another term has flown by! We started Term 4 off at home, but we were all elated when we could be reunited and start learning together again. We have been enjoyed learning about an important historical figure this term, called Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It was amazing to hear all about his life, his creations and how they impacted life for Victorians. We were surprised to hear how his inventions have changed life as we know it now! We have had lots of fun trying to work out his significance for Bristol, and realised that a lot of us have seen some of the amazing things he designed and built, like the Clifton Suspension Bridge and SS Great Britain. We were even fortunate enough to be sent some artefacts from SS Great Britain where we got to step into the lives of the passengers there.


We were even thinking about Brunel in our Science lessons this term! We have been carrying out a range of different investigations where we started looking at which objects would sink or float, then how we could mould plasticine so it could float. We imagined that Brunel would have had to do something similar to this when he was designing SS Great Britain! Once we perfected our boats, we conducted experiments to see which shape was best to hold our cargo. It was great fun!


In English we have explored space, and looked at Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole. We have had to use our brilliant imaginations to pictures these places, then used our creativity to conjure up a fantasy world. We even wrote postcards from Wonderland, and wrote invites to our Mad Hatter’s tea party! In Maths we have had a lovely time exploring the resources for place value and have even managed to perfect counting in 2s, 5s and 10s!


This term in PE we have been focussing on our coordination by using a range of equipment and have been working on different modes of travel in gymnastics. We have been working really hard to make sure we show great control and posture as well as carrying out activities safely. We have even had the opportunity to complete the Daily Mile a couple of times this term. This has been amazing and really tested our fitness!

Term 3

This term has looked a little bit different to the past two terms, we have had to adapt to different learning environments and different methods of teaching, but it has not stopped us from working incredibly hard!


In Term 3 we have been asking ourselves, ‘What was life like for children during the Victorian times?’ We have created some great information texts and posters from the incredible facts we have found throughout the term. Ask us about the Victorians, I bet we can tell you at least one thing they invented!


In English, we have enjoyed reading the story ‘Old Bear’. We adapted the story making it our own, by putting our creative hats on. We added in new characters, and thought of different ways we could save the toys in the attic. ‘Queen Victoria’s Underpants’ is another book we have been enjoying this term. We have written some fantastic headlines to fit with the story, which have had Miss Apsey in fits of giggles!


In Maths we have been looking at lots of different ways to add and subtract. Some have been more difficult than others but we have been Persevering Penguins in figuring out the different methods. Ask us what our favourite method is!


In Art we have explored at a range of different things: Willow plates, Victorian Vases, and how to control a paintbrush. We even had a go at making our own vases!


In our Science lessons we have been investigating different materials and their properties. We carried out a range of investigations and enjoyed finding out which materials were the most waterproof and absorbent.


Term 2

1FA have had a very busy and exciting term!

This term we have been learning all about Amazing African Animals! We loved learning new and exciting facts in Science and English of the different African animals. We have learnt how to classify animals, how animals adapt to their surroundings, and lots more interesting facts. Do you know why giraffes have purple tongues? Ask us, we can tell you!

We have been reading some really interesting books in English and Guided Reading including: Sleep Well Siba and Saba, Giraffes Can’t Dance and Handa’s Surprise. We really enjoyed these books, you can see us retelling our story using actions together as a class. We discussed our aspirations for the future with Siba and Saba, we put ourselves in Gerald the giraffe’s shoes and when we read Handa’s Surprise we were able to tell Miss Apsey what all the animals were called!

In Maths we have been exploring shapes, money and measuring. Do you know how long your hands are in cm? Ask us to measure your hand span. We used our measuring skills to investigate who had the biggest hands in the class, and who had the smallest. We have also been learning fractions: halves and quarters. To do this we have used lots of resources.

We have been exploring lots of new techniques in Art. We started off creating firework images using chalk for Bonfire Night. Since then, we have been exploring different motor skills, printing animal patterns, weaving and we even did some fantastic winter art using wax and paint. Have a look at what we made!

We can’t wait for next term where we can continue to be Curious Crabs!


Term 1

Welcome to 1FA!


This term we have been focusing on ‘ourselves’. In our science lessons we have enjoyed learning about the different body parts using new vocabulary, the 5 senses and carrying out our very own interesting investigations!


At the start of term, we enjoyed reading the story ‘what makes me a me’ and we thought about what makes us different. We wrote a letter to Miss Apsey telling her all about ourselves. We have just finished reading ‘Peace at Last’ and even had a go at writing our own story describing new and exciting characters.


We have been exploring number during our numeracy sessions, using numicon and other resources to help us. We have been great at ordering, adding and subtracting numbers. We have even started writing number sentences using + - and =.