Miss Apsey

Term 2

1FA have had a very busy and exciting term!

This term we have been learning all about Amazing African Animals! We loved learning new and exciting facts in Science and English of the different African animals. We have learnt how to classify animals, how animals adapt to their surroundings, and lots more interesting facts. Do you know why giraffes have purple tongues? Ask us, we can tell you!

We have been reading some really interesting books in English and Guided Reading including: Sleep Well Siba and Saba, Giraffes Can’t Dance and Handa’s Surprise. We really enjoyed these books, you can see us retelling our story using actions together as a class. We discussed our aspirations for the future with Siba and Saba, we put ourselves in Gerald the giraffe’s shoes and when we read Handa’s Surprise we were able to tell Miss Apsey what all the animals were called!

In Maths we have been exploring shapes, money and measuring. Do you know how long your hands are in cm? Ask us to measure your hand span. We used our measuring skills to investigate who had the biggest hands in the class, and who had the smallest. We have also been learning fractions: halves and quarters. To do this we have used lots of resources.

We have been exploring lots of new techniques in Art. We started off creating firework images using chalk for Bonfire Night. Since then, we have been exploring different motor skills, printing animal patterns, weaving and we even did some fantastic winter art using wax and paint. Have a look at what we made!

We can’t wait for next term where we can continue to be Curious Crabs!


Term 1

Welcome to 1FA!


This term we have been focusing on ‘ourselves’. In our science lessons we have enjoyed learning about the different body parts using new vocabulary, the 5 senses and carrying out our very own interesting investigations!


At the start of term, we enjoyed reading the story ‘what makes me a me’ and we thought about what makes us different. We wrote a letter to Miss Apsey telling her all about ourselves. We have just finished reading ‘Peace at Last’ and even had a go at writing our own story describing new and exciting characters.


We have been exploring number during our numeracy sessions, using numicon and other resources to help us. We have been great at ordering, adding and subtracting numbers. We have even started writing number sentences using + - and =.