Miss Apsey

Term 5

This term we have thrown ourselves into our topic: ‘How do Oliver’s Vegetables grow?’.  To begin with, we looked at the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. We retold the story using amazing adjectives and similes, and then had a go at writing our own diary entry pretending we had gone to an incredible vegetable patch. Then we had a look at a book by our Author of the Term: Dr Seuss! We read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ and talked about the emotions of each character. Then we wrote Sam-I-Am’s friend a letter to convince him to try these green eggs and ham. We used lots of new vocabulary and conjunctions to help us persuade him.


In Science, we planted some seeds and we have had the pleasure to watch them grow. We realised when we were planting that seeds need soil, water, sunlight, air and warmth to grow. So we set up an experiment with cress seeds. We decided to plant some cress seeds with all the conditions needed to grow and then we removed one element each time. At first, we predicted what would happen to the cress seeds in each condition and every day we check on the cress seeds to monitor their progress. Check out the results!


In Maths, we have been looking at multiplication and division this term. We now know the meaning of equal groups and what to do if the groups are not equal! We have looked at different ways to group objects, and arrange them like arrays. We noticed that arrays are everywhere! Have a look at some we found in the classroom. We will be moving onto fractions soon!


In Art we have been using different mark making skills with different tools, and looking at still life paintings. Over the next couple of weeks we will be making our very own still life painting, and using primary colours to help us mix the colours. We can’t wait!


This Term we also had the pleasure to visit the SS Great Britain! We were so excited to see the ship that we had learnt so much about last term. We explored the magnificent vessel and visited the different museums where we learnt even more facts about Brunel’s life. Afterwards we completed a workshop where we learnt how to join the iron panels with rivets to fix the boats holes. Finally, we went back in time and dressed up as Victorians to attend the opening of the SS Great Britain. We had a fantastic time and we can’t wait to take our parents to point out our best bits!


We can’t wait for next term where we can continue to be Curious Crabs!

Term 4

In Term 4, we have been exploring the question: ‘Why is Isambard Kingdom Brunel important to Bristol?’. To do this we have explored who Isambard Kingdom Brunel is. In our History and English lessons we have researched some of his incredible innovative designs. It was very exciting to find out that some of his greatest creations are here in Bristol, and some of us had even seen them! In English, we have been writing persuasion texts to persuade the Queen to come and visit Bristol. Then, we pretended that we were Victorians and wanted to persuade some Victorian families to come aboard the SS Great Britain for a luxurious voyage. We used some incredible new language and have even started to use a thesaurus to make our writing more interesting. We have even started to pay attention to detail and shading in our Art lessons, we noticed some really intricate details on Bristol Temple Meads and SS Great Britain.


In English, we enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole. We have had to use our imagination and creativity to create postcards from Tulgey Wood, and write invitations to our own unbirthday tea party! This was great fun as we could be really creative and imagine our own party where anything was possible!


In Science, we have been carrying out a range of investigations. We started looking at what objects would sink or float, and then we had a go at making our own boats! We had to make sure they would float so we could predict how much cargo it could hold. Have a look at some of our boats! In the next couple of weeks we will be investigating how to make out boats move!


In Maths, we have been focussing on measurement this term. To begin with, we learnt how to measure using non-standard units, then a ruler. Next we learnt to measure different weight and mass using a balancing scale. We will be looking at capacity and volume in the next few weeks.


In Music, we have been looking at How Music makes the wold a better place. We discussed that it brings people together, it makes us smile and it makes us happy. We have learnt some new cheerful songs, we have particularly enjoyed ‘If you’re happy and you know it’.




Term 3

For Term 3, we have been exploring ‘What is amazing about African animals?’. To do this, we have been exploring where Africa is on a map, what the weather is like, and delved deeper into exploring different patterns of these animal’s skin. We have learnt lots of new facts about African animals, like why flamingos are pink, and what a giraffe’s horns are used for!


We have been reading some really interesting books in English this term! We have read Sleep Well Siba and Saba and Giraffes Can’t Dance. We really enjoyed these books; you can see us retelling our story using actions together as a class. We discussed our aspirations for the future with Siba and Saba and we put ourselves in Gerald the giraffe’s shoes. We are really excited to look at Handa’s surprise in Guided Reading.


In Maths, we have been exploring different ways to add and subtract within 50. We have become really confident with our numbers to 20, so now we are challenging ourselves with harder numbers! We have been using lots of different resources and techniques to help us work out the answers. Have a look at some of the pictures of us in Maths!


We have had a great time in Art this term! We explored different animal skins, and tried our best to create some amazing animal prints. We focussed really heavily on the detail of these prints, and then had a go at printing our animal prints! In the next few weeks we are going to be painting some more animal skins, and then we will learn how to weave to make an interesting African animal print pattern.

Term 2

This term we have been focusing on ‘What was life like for Victorian Children?” We have thrown ourselves into this topic by exploring and discussing how things were different in the past. We have had so much fun learning all about the Victorians and how different life was like! We explored lots of different Victorian artefacts and tried to think what they might be used for. We particularly liked playing with the Victorian toys! Ask us about Victorian homes, schools and toys, we might surprise you!


In our English lessons we have enjoyed reading a range of different texts. To begin with, we read ‘Old Bear’ and re-told the story with our new invented character. We had to use lots of adjectives to describe our character, and lots of creative ideas to work out how to rescue them from the attic! With our new knowledge of the Victorians, we decided to write an information text to inform other readers. Then we recorded our work in the style of Horrible Histories!


In Maths lessons we have been working on lots of different things. To start with, we looked at adding and subtracting to 10. We looked at a range of different methods to help us. Then we looked at naming and sorting 2D and 3D shapes and had to explain the differences between them. Now we are looking at Place Value to 20! We are using new resources to help us represent number!


We are loving our Art lessons as we are delving into clay work. We are creating out very own Victorian pots! We started by looking at Willow Plates, and designing this from the story. Then we designed our Victorian vases in the likeness of other Victorian pots. Our next step is to actually create our design, we can’t wait!

Term 1

1FA have had a fantastic start to the year! We have been investigating our theme of the term: ‘Who am I?’. To do this we have taken a closer look at ourselves and learnt new vocabulary to describe ourselves. We have also use the book ‘What makes me a me?’ in English to identify what makes us unique! We used these ideas to write a letter to Miss Apsey so she can get to know us a bit better. We then created some amazing self-portraits in Art where we have learnt new skills such as mixing, painting and sticking.


We have now thrown ourselves into a new book, ‘Peace at Last’. We have been putting our creative hats on and retold the story using our own characters that we created!


In Maths, we have been learning lots about place value to 10. We have learnt how to use new resources to help us count, and identify number. We will be learning about addition and subtraction for the rest of the term, and we are really excited to learn more and start writing number sentences.

In Science we have been looking at the different parts of the body, we learnt new vocabulary like: freckles, taste buds and gums. We are now learning all about the five senses and how they help us in our day to day lives. Soon, we are going to be exploring the seasons and going on a ‘season walk’ to help identify this season.


We have also been given time this term to read all our lovely books in our book corner, have a look at some pictures of us enjoying these books.