Miss Caunter

Term 5

This term our topic in Year 1 has been focussing on ‘How do Oliver’s Vegetables grow?’


In 1BC we have thoroughly enjoyed getting our fingers ‘green’ and becoming gardeners just like Oliver’s Grandpa in the story Oliver’s vegetables. In 1BC we have successfully planted peas and sunflower seeds and have watched them grow all throughout the term and we cannot believe how tall they have grown. We cannot wait to take them home to show you! We have also enjoyed carrying out a range of investigations around plants. We had a go at planting some 5 lots of cress seeds but for each pot we took away a key element such as water, warmth and sunlight. We were incredibly surprised to find out that the cress seeds in the dark grew incredibly tall but we definitely agreed that you would not want to eat them as they were very yellow.


In Art we have been looking at the artist Paul Cezanne and have had a go at replicating some of his pieces of work. We have worked really hard to carefully have a go at drawing some still life objects and have explored mixing colours and drawing with different tools such as charcoal and pastels.


In Maths this term we have been working carefully on multiplying and dividing, this was very tricky but we used arrays and sharing techniques to help us. We have also continued working on our numbers and have explored place value for numbers up to 100. We particularly enjoyed working on position and direction this term, where we had a go at pretending to be robots and had to direct our partners using the language, make a quarter turn, three quarter turn and half turn!


During our English lessons we have looked at a range of texts, we enjoyed reading the story Oliver’s Vegetables and had a go at describing Grandads garden using a range of adjectives and similes. Recently we have had lots of fun pretending to become inventors like Izzy Gizmo from the story Izzy Gizmo and the invention convention. We came up with some brilliant ideas (some slightly crazy ones too!)  and had a go at writing instructions on how to build our wonderful designs and ideas.


It has been another incredibly busy term in 1BC but we are looking forward to seeing what next term brings!

Look at how tall our plants have grown!


We worked really hard on our skills in art.

Sharing in Maths !

Term 4

Another Term has flown by and in 1BC we have continued to work incredibly hard both at home and in school. This term our topic has been all about the famous historical figure Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We have really enjoyed learning about Brunel and his inventions and have been amazed as to how he had such an important impact on the lives of people back in the Victorian times and how it has impacted us today. It was very exciting to find out that some of his greatest creations are here in Bristol. In Year 1 we have been very fortunate this term to have been loaned some artefacts from the SS Great Britain and really enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be passengers on the ship!


This term in PE we have been focussing on our coordination by using a range of equipment and have been working on how we can travel in gymnastics. We have been working really hard to make sure we show great control and posture as well as carrying out activities safely. We had lots of fun using the gym apparatus to support us.


In English this term we have loved looking at the story Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole. We have had to use our imagination and creativity to write postcards from Wonderland! We came up with lots of crazy ideas and had a blast thinking about what unusual things you would find there. Then we had a go at pretending to be the Mad Hatter and threw our own imaginary party, we had to create invitations and use descriptive language to describe what our party was like to our peers.


During our Science lessons, we have been carrying out a range of investigations. We started looking at which objects could sink or float and then we had to use our knowledge that we had learnt from Brunel about what makes a good boat. We then created our own boats using plasticine and had to mould it into a shape that would float. We experimented to see whose boat could hold the most cargo. This was lots of fun!

Term 3

This has been a different term for us but it has not stopped us from working incredibly hard. This term we have been focusing on ‘What was life like for children during the Victorian times?’ During our English and History lessons we have found out lots of interesting facts about the Victorians and have used this to create information texts and posters. We have decided that we definitely prefer what life is like now for children and could not believe how children were treated in school!


In English this term we enjoyed reading the story ‘Old Bear’. We learnt in the story that Old Bear was stuck in the attic and the other toys were trying to rescue him. We put our creative brains on and had a go at thinking of lots of different ways that the toys could save old bear. Some of our favourite suggestions were using a canon to blast the toys up to the attic, bouncing on a trampoline and flying up with a kite.


We have looked at a range of Victorian pottery this term. We learnt the story behind the ‘Willow plates’ and had a go at replicating our own design. After that we had a go at looking at different Victorian pottery and then tried to create our own pots by carefully following the instructions. As we have been at home lots of the children got creative and used a range of materials such as play dough, clay and even pastry!


In our Science lessons we have been investigating different materials and their properties. We carried out a range of investigations and enjoyed finding out which materials were the most waterproof and absorbent.

Term 2

Wow another term has flown by and we have been very busy in 1BC!

This term we have been focusing on ‘Amazing African Animals’. In our science lessons we have enjoyed learning about the different African animals. We have learnt how to classify animals and have learnt many interesting facts about the different African animals, make sure you ask us about them!

This term we enjoyed reading the story ‘Siba and Saba’ this story gave us the chance to be reflective rabbits and to think about our own hopes and dreams just like Siba and Saba. We used these thoughts to help us change the ending of the story. We produced some fantastic pieces of writing. We then looked at the story ‘Giraffes can’t dance’. We had fun learning the story and re-enacting it to our peers. We even became challenge chimps and wrote the story as if we were Gerald the Giraffe. Miss Caunter and Mrs Tayler were very impressed with our writing


In our Art sessions we had a go at creating animal prints. We then learnt a new skill- weaving, it was a bit tricky but we were able to persevere until we got it right and our final pictures looked amazing.

We can’t wait to see what the term has in store for us!

Term 1

Welcome to 1BC

This term we have been focusing on ‘ourselves’. In our science lessons we have enjoyed learning about the different body parts, the 5 senses and carrying out interesting investigations!


We enjoyed reading the story ‘what makes me a me’ and we thought about what makes us different to others. We then wrote a letter to Miss Caunter and Mrs Tayler telling them all about ourselves. Recently we have read the story ‘Peace at Last’ and even had a go at writing our own version with new characters. We had to think about how to describe them and what might keep them awake!


We have been exploring number during our numeracy sessions and have been great at ordering, adding and subtracting with our numbers.


In our Art sessions we had a go at creating collage self-portraits and we really enjoyed expressing our emotions using a range of techniques.