Miss Caunter

Term 4

Once upon a time Spider class had a very busy term looking at classic fairy tales!

This term in spider class we have been focusing on the traditional tales ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Jack and the Bean Stalk’.

The term started with a surprise when a letter zoomed into the classroom and you would never guess who it was from … The Gingerbread man! The Gingerbread man told Spider class that he was in our school which sent us off on a hunt. Unfortunately, we didn’t find him but he did leave behind a plate full of yummy gingerbread and an empty book for us to write in. This has created a real buzz for writing and the children created some lovely stories of their own.

This term we have also enjoyed celebrating world book day, it was lovely hearing the children talk about their favourite stories and sharing them with the children in Year 5.

Spider class have also been talking about ways in which they can be healthy. Spiders have shown a great knowledge about the food that they should be putting in their body and how they can keep themselves fit.

We are now starting to learn the story of Jack and the beanstalk and we can’t wait to see which adventures we have with this.

Term 3

Zoom! Pow! Wow!

This term in Spider class we have been in superhero training in order to help our superhero friend Captain Frost. Spider class have taken on a series of challenges this term in order to become a fully fledge superhero. We have had to design and create our superhero, thinking of a name, costume and powers. In order to do this, we have had to use our model making skills that we have learnt over the past few terms. Miss Caunter and Mrs Thompson were very proud of our cutting, threading, sticking and the different ways we thought to solve problems when they were tricky.

We have also thought about what it requires to be a superhero and we agreed that they definitely have to be fit and healthy! Spiders thought about what could make them healthy and undertook their very own superhero boot camp. We even had a visit from Chartwells who showed us how to make healthy snacks.

Spiders have also learnt that you do not need to wear a cape to be a superhero and have looked at our everyday superheroes. Spider’s really enjoyed learning about nurses, policemen, firefighters and people who help us.

In Spider class we have been thinking about British Values. This means we have been trying hard to work together co-operatively sharing and taking turns in our play!

Term 2

This term in Spider class we have been learning the story we’re going on a bear hunt. We have really enjoyed learning the actions to the story and have become fantastic at retelling it! We even had a go at changing the story and made up our own version. Miss Caunter really enjoyed hearing the different stories such as we’re going on a unicorn hunt.

We have been very busy in Spider class this term and have started learning to read and write. We have been brilliant at learning lots of new sounds and have started reading and writing CVC words. Ask us what new sounds we know!

In Spider class we have talked about being a Rights Respecting school. We talk daily about following our class charter and we understand in Spider class that we have a right to play and learn.

Term 1

Welcome to Spider Class!

Since starting school we have been very busy and have enjoyed settling in and exploring our new learning environment. We have been working hard in our phonics sessions where we have been working on our listening skills.

We have really enjoyed learning lots of new things this term and have had a great time looking at all things Autumnal. We have had fun listening to and enjoying the story of the Little Red Hen.

All of the children have really enjoyed taking their own reading books home for the first time this term.