Miss Drew

Term 5

This term in Maths, we have enjoyed some practical measuring! We used the tape measures to help us understand how we might measure longer items, and also that we might need different tools to measure different things.

In Science, we have been learning about plants. We made plants and labelled the functions of each part, for example that the petals function is to attract insects with its bright colours.

We also learned about seed dispersal and had lots of fun outside having a go with glitter acting as the seeds! We are growing bean seeds using hydroponics – where you only need water to grow and no soil!

In RE, we have been enjoying learning about special religious buildings, such as churches and synagogues. We compared them and learned about the Jewish festival of Shabbat. Jews make a promise to themselves at Shabbat that they will work hard for the rest of the week, so we thought about how we might work hard, and added this to a plaited candle.

Term 4

This term, we have really enjoyed having the sports coaches back in! We have been doing hockey, balancing and more!

Have a look at our brilliant (and huge!) timelines of the events of The Great Fire of London. We have absolutely loved finding out about The Plague and The Great Fire. It has been quite gruesome – so of course we have enjoyed it. We thought hard about adding the correct dates to the timeline.

We had a Macbeth workshop from the Shakespeare Company. It was great! We focussed on the scene with the witches, and we loved brewing potions!

Term 3

This Term in Science, we have been learning about materials. Miss Drew has been very impressed with how well we have used scientific vocabulary relating to materials, such as bendy, stretchy, opaque. We enjoyed carrying out an investigation as to how malleable materials are.


We have also loved learning about the Tudors and Henry VIII! Here are some examples of the amazing work that we have been doing at home and school.

Term 2

We’ve been really enjoying some outdoor Science this term!

We went on a hunt around our local habitat to see what living things we could find. We were surprised by the range of plants and animals! Then, we made our own micro-habitats for a chosen minibeast.


IN Art, we have been learning how to colour mix effectively using just the primary colours. We designed our own Rangoli animals and enjoyed mixing the colours that we wanted to paint them.

Term 1

In Science, we have been learning about seasonal changes. We have learned lots about how trees change, and have taken photos and observations about the apple trees in the Orchard. We are interested to see how they will change over the course of the year. We have learned lots about identifying different plants. We drew graphs to show the average rainfall in Bristol and New Dehli, as part of our India topic. Monsoon season is very wet!!!


Also in Science, we learned about how some fabrics are dyed naturally in India. We conducted an experiment with different natural objects to see which one would dye the strongest colour. Turmeric was the winner and we were very impressed with how well it dyed that fabric! (It was quite a smelly experiment)


In Maths, we have done a range of number and shape. We sorted 2D shapes into a Venn diagram, according to their properties.

In English, we are going to be writing instructions for how to make bird food. We learned that house sparrows are endangered in the UK, so we made some food for them. Can you read the information to find out why they are endangered? We got very messy making bird food, but it was lovely to know that we are helping the birds.

Check out our amazing writing about red pandas. We learned so much information about them!