Miss Glass

Term 5

This term in Maths, we have enjoyed some practical measuring! We used the tape measures to help us understand how we might measure longer items, and also that we might need different tools to measure different things.

In science we learned about seed dispersal and had lots of fun outside having a go with glitter acting as the seeds! We are growing bean seeds using hydroponics – where you only need water to grow and no soil!

Term 4

This term, we have really enjoyed having the sports coaches back in! We have been doing hockey, balancing games and gymnastics, focussing this term on flight and rotation and creating sequences!

To end our topic on the Tudors, we learnt about William Shakespeare. In our year group bubble, we were super lucky to have a drama workshop from the Shakespeare Company. It was great! We focussed on Macbeth and the scene with the witches, and we loved brewing potions and practising our acting skills!

Term 3

This term has looked a little bit different to the past two terms with school closing again so we have had to adapt again to remote learning, but we have all still worked exceptionally hard and Miss Glass is extremely proud!


In Science, we have been learning all about materials and their developing our understanding of properties. We did lots of activities, challenging us to use scientific vocabulary as well as an investigation to find out which materials can be changed the most easily by squeezing, bending, twisting and stretching.


As well as great science learning, we have also done some brilliant art, English, RE and many more!  We have also had lots of fun at home with our families (as well as doing school work!) so there are some pictures of this too J

Term 2

We’ve been really enjoying some outdoor Science this term!

We went on a hunt around our local habitat to see what living things we could find. We were surprised by the range of plants and animals! Then, we made our own micro-habitats for a chosen minibeast and had a lot of fun doing it!

Term 1

We have been having a lot of fun in science in year 2!

We learned about how some fabrics are dyed naturally in India. We conducted an experiment with different natural objects to see which one would dye the strongest colour. Turmeric was the winner and we were very impressed with how well it dyed that fabric! It was quite a smelly experiment but we really enjoyed it!