Miss Gwyther

Term 4

This term, we have been focusing on ‘What a Waste’ as our rich text in English and Guided Reading. One of the main topics has been about single-use plastic and plastic pollution on our earth. As part of this unit, we created our own news broadcasts, introducing the concept of “plastic-free lunches”. We really enjoyed trying our hand at being news anchors - our broadcasts will be live soon so that you can watch our efforts!


In art, we have been looking at ‘Still Life’, which are drawings/paintings of inanimate objects. We sketched famous pieces of art, then added colour to them using different media. It was challenging to match the colour to the original using watercolour, poster paint and oil pastels, but we enjoyed the process of colour-matching!


Term 3

Our topic in science this term has been ‘LIVING THINGS AND THEIR HABITATS’. To make our learning real, we had some chicks in to watch grow up! From eggs being kept warm in an incubator (at 37 degrees Celsius), to watching them hatch live, it was a brilliant experience for us all. We even had a chance to hold them – some fell asleep in our hands!


This term, we have used ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell as a rich text to inform our learning in English and Guided Reading. It is set in the Amazon rainforest, which is conveniently our Geography topic too! As part of this, we have written a letter to the Brazilian Ambassador about our concerns regarding the rate of deforestation and why it should be stopped. These are being sent off – hopefully we’ll get a reply!

Term 2
Term 1

In English this term, we have based our work around “Beowulf” by Michael Mopurgo. It is a story based in the Anglo-Saxon era, which is our topic of this term. We started off by writing a newspaper report, before moving onto diary entries, and ending the term writing our very own quest tales, based on the story of Beowulf. Here are some pictures of us identifying features of newspaper articles to help us write our own – can you spot the “newspaper features” song one group made up??

All of Year 5 went to the Dean Fields Study Centre in the Forest of Dean at the beginning of Term One. We want to thank everyone who made this trip possible! It was so much fun – we had lots of time to explore a variety of activities, from problem-solving to tunnelling, orienteering to bush-craft. We worked on skills such as teamwork and perseverance in small groups whilst we were there.