Miss Lockyear

Term 3

During Term 3 we are learning all about the industrial history of Bristol and in particular the floating harbour. We have learned why and how the harbour was built and the purpose for building all the docks, cranes and warehouses around the water’s edge. We have also learned how the use of these buildings has changed over the last 100 years since the harbour closed. We made posters of the floating harbour with some information about significant buildings that used to be warehouses and how they have changed.


Also during history, we have read a diary of a young girl called Jean Court who grew up in Bristol in the 1920s, so 100 years ago! We found out that she had a very different life to ours now, at home and in school. To really imagine what her life might have been like, we dressed up in a costume and role played as the little girl from 100 years ago. This was fun and helped to bring the history to life!

Our Science topic this term is Animals including Humans. As part of this topic we are learning about the importance and functions of a skeleton and that some animals have a skeleton on the inside (endoskeleton), some animals have a skeleton on the outside (exoskeleton) and some animals have no skeleton at all! In groups we drew around one child and then sketched where we thought the important parts of the skeleton and organs were inside the body. During another lesson, we cut out and created a cardboard skeleton that could move using split pins.

Term 2

During our topic on European countries we learned about Norway, where you can see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. These magical looking swirls of light are visible in the polar regions of Earth. This linked well with our Literacy topic of the Polar Express, where they go to the North Pole and see the Northern Lights! As an introduction to this topic, we created our own artistic versions of the lights using pastels on black paper. We used lots of lovely blues, pinks and greens and think they are really effective at capturing the mystical nature of the lights.

Here is our Ukulele performance. Do you recognise any of the songs we performed?


Here are some photos of the children taking part in our ‘Aspirational Art’ workshop with Luke Acceron. We worked in collaboration to develop our final pieces.

In Science our topic is Light and Shadows. We have been learning about lights sources, how shadows are formed and how light reflects off some surfaces better than others. To test reflection from a surface, we made reflection testers, using a torch and piece of paper. Then you hold the material up to the torch and see how much light is reflected back onto the paper

We had an enjoyable, and rather wet, walk to the Whitchurch Library to find out how libraries work and all the activities they provide. After hearing a short story, we had a chance to look through the books ourselves, which we really enjoyed.

Term 1

To learn the continents and oceans as part of Geography, we looked at where they all were on Google Earth and then tested our memories with a game! In groups of 3 or 4, we had to collect a label for a continent or ocean and then place it in the correct place on a world map, before getting another one.    

As part of our Science topic on Forces and Magnets, we did an experiment to find out which surface causes the most friction. To find out we rolled a car down a ramp onto the different surfaces and measured how far it went. The further it went, the less friction the surface causes.  

In Art we have been learning about landscape painting, including perspective and famous French artists such as Monet. As part of our work on creating a landscape painting of the French countryside, we have been experimenting with different ways of applying the paint and the effects that it can produce, for example using scrunched up paper towel, glue spreaders and cotton buds. It was a lot of fun, and a little bit messy!

We have been enjoying exploring and getting to know the books in our book corner and getting comfy reading and sharing them in the classroom. We have lots of classic authors such as Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and Francesca Simon, as well as hundreds of other fiction and non-fiction books.