Miss Lockyear

Term 2

We have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians and the strange things they did to make mummies. For example, they used a sharp hook to pull the brain out through the nose! After that they would cover the body in salt and leave it for 40 days. We mummified a tomato by scooping out the internal organs (seeds), wiping it with Holy Water from the Nile (hand sanitiser) and then stuffing the body with salt. After a couple of weeks the salt had absorbed most of the water and the tomatoes were definitely looking wrinkly!

Our Science topic this Term has been Sound. To explore how sounds are made and how they travel we have carried out several experiments, such as listening to ‘ear gongs’ – which are oven racks with string tied to the edges – which make a very loud booming sound. This is because the vibrations can travel through the string to your ears. We also make cup and string telephones and investigated how they work best.

Term 1

In Literacy we have been learning about persuasive language and features of advertisements such as rhetoric questions and snappy slogans. We combined this with what we have been learning about in Science all about teeth to create persuasive adverts for a new toothpaste. It was fun thinking of the alliteration and puns in the adverts and making them eye-catching!



Our Science topic this term is Teeth and Eating and we have really enjoyed learning about the different types of teeth we have in our own mouths. To help us understand their different shapes and what they do, we created clay models of a row of teeth.