Miss Lodge

Term 3
Term 3: British Values.
This term in science we have been looking at how volcanos are formed. Miss Lodge demonstrated how the pressure builds up by making a model using bicarbonate of soda, red paint, washing up liquid and adding vinegar to the mixture once we were outside.
Look out for the photos where things didn't quite go to plan! 
Term 2

Term 2: The right to learn and play

Year 4 exercised their right to learn by visiting the Bristol museum and Georgian house! We learnt all about art and became experts in reviewing traditional paintings. We spoke about the different colours and textures and learnt important vocabulary such as; foreground and back ground. Our topic for the term is Georgian Bristol, it was very interesting to visit a traditional Georgian house and see how people would’ve lived in the 16th century!

Term 1
4ML have enjoyed discussing our favourite books. We all loved sharing our ideas and tried to persuade others to read!