Miss May

Term 2


Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed our World War 1 topic this term. We have done lots of Cross-curricular working: linking History, PSHE and English together. Following anti-bullying week, we looked at the life of Walter Tull and the reasoning behind him not receiving a Military Cross. We then wrote letters to Ben Wallace (The Secretary State of the Armed Forces) regarding this matter. Fingers crossed we will receive a response soon!


This term, we have begun looking at data – we started off our topic by creating bar charts and pictograms. We thought carefully about the use of scales and creating a key. Take a look at some of our great work below!

Term 1


We have had a fantastic start to the term in Year 6! We have really enjoyed our English lessons, where we have had a focus on ‘The Savage’. Our work on tension writing has been incredible and we have made our new teacher so proud. This terms science topic is ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. We have already looked at genes, fossils and natural selection. Take a look at some of the pictures from our recent experiment. We had so much fun testing out beak sizes with sweets!