Miss Rosie

Term 5

Bumble Bee Class been busy finding out about Minibeasts this Term!

We hunted for the hungry Caterpillars favourite food and even found some tiny Caterpillars. We have been watching them change and grow.

In Numeracy this term we have been learning lots of new skills!

We have learnt to count and order numbers to 20. We have also been learning to double and halve amounts in our pizza shop!

Term 4

This Term Bumble Bee Class have started doing PE sessions. We have practised getting ourselves dressed in our PE kit and learning the rules and routines of this new space. We have explored moving in different ways and working with our partners to learn new skills. We have also started gymnastics, developing our coordination and balance!


Term 3

This Term Bumble Bee Class have been extremely busy becoming Superheroes!

We were sent a video from Captain Frost who needed our help, he gave us weekly challenges to complete.


We have designed our own Superhero and made our lair. We thought about healthy eating and fitness and talked about how our bodies changed when we did exercise. Finally, we learnt about real life Superheroes!


Alongside all of this we have been learning lots of new sounds and practised applying them in our writing. In number we have learnt about 2D and 3D shapes, we have looked at them carefully and described their characteristics.

Term 2

Bumble Bee Class have been busy Bee’s this Term! We have started learning lots of new sounds in phonics. We are learning how to write letters and even spell words! We have also been busy learning to count and identify numbers!

We have also enjoyed exploring the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Term 1

Since starting school we have been very busy bees, we have had fun exploring the environment and have made lots of new friends! We have settled in to school life brilliantly.

We have been developing our counting skills and recognising the numbers in our environment. We have also loved our phonics sessions, learning to listen to the sounds around us.