Miss Rosie

Term 4

Bumble Bee Class have been very busy bees this term. We have been exploring the theme of ‘Once Upon a time…’ We have been learning the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have been retelling this story in our play, drawing parts of the story and becoming the different characters.

We have also been busy learning all about number bonds to 10 in Numeracy.

We have also been developing our own narratives using the open-ended role-play equipment.

Term 3

This term we have been thinking about ‘What makes a Superhero?’


We have been working hard to learn our new phonics sounds and learning to write words and captions with them.


In Number, we have been thinking about different representations of numbers and comparing amounts using the vocabulary less, more, fewer, the same as.

We have been weighing and measuring amounts using our balances and learning to explain out observations using weight vocabulary. It was so much fun!


This term we started PE lessons. We have been learning to get ourselves changed. We have enjoyed taking parts in lessons, working with our friends and practising moving in different ways. 

Term 2

Bumble Bee Class have been busy Bee’s this Term! We have started learning lots of new sounds in phonics. We are learning how to write letters and even spell words!


In Number sessions, we have also been busy learning to count and identify numbers 1-5. We are getting really confident at explaining ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ and even finding ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ than a total.

We have also enjoyed exploring the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Term 1

Since starting school, we have been very busy in Bumble Bee Class. We have had fun exploring the environment and have made lots of new friends! We have settled in to school life brilliantly and become a lot more confident to share our ideas.

We have been enjoying our phonics sessions, learning to listen to the sounds around us, create rhyming strings and explore musical instruments.