Miss Southon

Term 2

In Term 2, we continued our learning on India. We learnt all about houses, schools, farming, animals and festivals and compared these things to the UK.

Using what we had found out, we then did some non-fiction (information) writing in English. We published each paragraph and then drew pictures to go with them, putting them all together to make our final ‘India’ information page. We then went to visit a Year 3 class and shared our information pages with them. They thought they were great and they were very impressed with our writing!

2VS have been focussing on developing a love of reading. Alongside story time, where our class story is read by our teacher, we have extra story times throughout the week where children are selected to choose their favourite story to read to the class. Alongside reading, we are given the challenge to be ‘teachers’ and ask some questions to really get our audience thinking. We are also thinking carefully about the characters in the stories and how we can add expression at spoken text! We have had some great fun with this and now everyone in the class is super keen to get their chance to read and share a story!

Term 1

In Year 2, we did Diwali day! We got to take part in lots of exciting activities, such as; cooking, dancing, acting and art. Mixed together, 2CM and 2VS, completed a range of exciting tasks. Take a look at some of the amazing things we did throughout the day!