Miss Tully

Term 4

Butterfly Class have been exploring the theme ‘Once Upon a Time…’ this term. We have been reading the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ We went on a hunt around our school for the Gingerbread Man! We have been enjoying many different story activities.

Term 3

Butterfly Class have had an exciting term exploring the theme ‘What makes a good superhero?’. It all began when Captain Frost set us some exciting missions! We have also been thinking about what a superhero needs to do to be strong and healthy!

We have also been thinking about British Values. This means we have been trying hard to work together co-operatively sharing and taking turns in our play!

Term 2

Butterfly Class have been very busy this term. We have started learning about the sounds letters make in phonics. We have begun to learn how to write our letters and spell words!

We have been learning the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

In Butterfly Class we have talked about being a Rights Respecting School. We talked about following our Class Charter and we understand in Butterfly Class that we have a right to play and learn.

We have been enjoying learning to read different words and complete word hunts!

We have enjoyed making our own story maps to help tell the story.

We have been learning to play together, taking turns and sharing resources.

Term 1


Butterfly Class have been settling in to their new class brilliantly! They have loved exploring all the different activities and making many new friends!

Butterfly Class have been enjoying lots of new stories since starting school! We have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen.