Mr Dixon

Term 3

In art this term, we were inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau and his jungle landscapes. We first of all planned a sculpture of an animal that we would like to create and then used junk to make it! Can you see what our animals are?

For science, we’ve been looking at micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses and the role they play in our world. This was especially interesting considering what is going on in the world right now!

We also looked at classifying animals and used a branch key to help identify animals by using key characteristics.

Term 2

In Art, we have been making our own clay dragon eyes. We started off designing them using different shading techniques to add depth and texture and then practised our use of clay. Once we were happy with our clay, we painted them to make them really stand out and finally glossed them. We hope you like them!

We would like to thank all parents and carers for your support this term – it’s been really busy but we have done a lot of fantastic learning and we are all very proud of 5SD. Happy Christmas everybody – have a well-deserved rest and see you in 2021!

Thank you to Mr Hunter for organising the fantastic Christmas concert with ‘Bristol Plays Music’. It was great fun to be part of the concert with schools all over Bristol and we loved learning the songs as well as the sign language that accompanied them. Here we are during the concert – you might even see our picture in The Guardian newspaper!

We have been doing lots of reading this term, whether it’s our current class book ‘Boy at the Back of the Class’, our work around ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, in Guided Reading or our own books for pleasure. We thought we’d show you some of our more relaxed reading moments!

Term 1

In science, we have been studying changes in states of matter between solids, liquids and gases. Here we looked at non-newtonian fluids that make liquids act like solids when force is applied to them! You could always have a go at trying it at home too – all you need is cornflower and water.

We are lucky to currently have Future Stars taking us for PE throughout Thursday afternoons. This term we are working on our balance in the gym while practising our dribbling and passing skills in basketball. It’s been great fun!