Mr Dixon

Term 2

We have been studying area and perimeter in maths. Firstly, we looked at the perimeters of a range of shapes and looked and sensible methods to help make working it out simpler. WE then moved onto area and using our timestables to help calculate the area of different shapes. We then used our understanding to measure all the sides of Grove building to calculate its area and perimeter.

In music, we have been studying the genre of jazz. In particular, the Bossa style. We have listened to and appraised some compositions and discussed regularly used instruments. We then had a go at playing some jazz music using the glockenspiels. Firstly, we followed the given music and then we created our own composition and performed it to the school in assembly!

Term 1

We have been working hard on our reading and writing skills this term and have based much of our work around Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Beowulf’. Here we are reading out an example of a diary entry and highlighting key features in preparation for our own versions. We finished off the unit writing our own Quest tales.

We had a fantastic time at the Forest of Dean and would like to thank all the parents in supporting us to help make the trip a success. We really tested our teamwork skills and resilience through lots of activities such as orienteering, problem solving, a stream study, bushcraft and tunnel mazes.

In science, we have been investigating states of matter, including reversible and irreversible changes and filtration. We even had a go at creating our own Newtonian fluid (a fluid that acts like a solid when pressure is applied). Here we are creating our own fluid and testing different materials that might be best for Mr Mason’s jacket when he goes to the Lake District on holiday.