Mr Dixon

Term 3

Year 6 visited Bristol Cathedral this term to understand more about religion and remembrance – particularly of those who lived through World Wars 1 and 2. We had a very interesting tour of the cathedral itself and took part in a range of workshops that helped us to reflect on those lost as well as those who helped keep Bristol functioning throughout war time.

In science, we have been studying Aristotle and the grouping of organisms – from animals all the way through to amoeba. We sorted them out into their five respective ‘Kingdoms’ and also looked at the features of different vertebrates. Do you know the differences between reptiles and amphibians?

Term 2

To raise money for Children in Need and tying-in with our Rights Respecting Theme for the Term – ‘The Right to Learn and Play’ - we took part in a range of fun games to test our teamwork, accuracy and agility skills. We had a great time and all for a good cause!

Our Science topic this term is ‘Light’ and we have been conducting investigations into how light travels and different materials that assist the travel and direction of light. We initially planned our own investigations and then carried them out to help answer our own line of enquiry.  

Term 1

We have been exploring a range of texts during our lessons and our class reading time. During literacy, we have been exploring ‘The Savage’ by David Almond, which has given use lots to discuss and resulted in us creating our own version of The Savage. We have also started ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman as our class reader and it’s already started off as very exciting! We can’t wait to find out what happens.

In Geography, we have been using OS maps to look at Bristol as well as other areas of the UK. It’s been interesting to compare urban and rural areas, and the features of each, then decide where we would prefer to live, and why, based on the features that we found of each area. Would you rather live in an urban or rural area?

We had an amazing time at Morfa Bay – the activities were fantastic (and the weather mostly held up). We pushed ourselves to have a go at everything from high wires and the mud assault course to bodyboarding and surfing in the sea at Pendine Beach. Thank you to all the staff who came to look after us and make sure we had the best time!