Mr Lund

Term 2
For term 2, our Rights and Respecting Theme is ‘The Right to Learn and Play’.

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the LifeSkills centre. Here, through role- play and practical exercises, we learnt about all the potential hazards we can and may face in life. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one we shall never forget!

Term 1

6JL: the love of reading.

6JL love reading! Check out what we’re reading and what we think of the books…

Emily- Presently, I’m reading Peter Pan. It is an enjoyable classic that you should all read. I love the fun- packed adventure!

Izzy: The Wizard of Oz is simply superb! It takes me into another world of adventures…

Rio: Reading Black Beauty is pure joy! My mum helps me by asking questions about the text; I try to read regularly as reading helps you pick things up quicker.

Rosie: The diary of a young girl- Anne Frank- is really cool. It tells us all about war which I really enjoy learning about.

Sophie: I’m reading a book all about “Time” and what it is. Funnily enough, it is helping me with my maths work.