Mrs Barrow

Term 4

As part of the ‘Going Green’ topic, 3LB have also learnt the names of the different parts of the flower and their function. They had lots of fascinating questions about how plants reproduce and were very careful using a microscope to take a part the flower.   

In PSHE, 3LB have been exploring their hopes, ambitions and dreams for the future including how to set goals. They had great fun this week creating their own ‘dream garden’ and Mrs Barrow was really impressed with their perseverance and team work skills when designing and making these precious gardens.    

As part of the ‘Going Green’ topic, 3LB investigated how capillaries work in plants through several different investigations. They were amazed when the flowers and celery turned blue and green! Now 3LB know how water travels to the plant’s leaves.  

3LB have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play the African drums over the last few weeks. They have learnt all about notation, sight reading, how to follow a rhythm, improvisation and composition of their own songs. All of their practise will culminate in a performance to another year group complete with African dancing! They have even carried out a mini research project o find out about an African country of their choice.  

3LB have loved learning the French words for colours and body parts. They read a French book about a monster and then played a dice game in pairs creating their own monsters. They then spoke in French to the rest of the class when presenting their crazy monsters! Bien fait 3LB!

3LB are huge reading lovers and they put in a huge amount of effort on World Book Day to dress up as their favourite book character and bring in their favourite book. The children loved sharing their book with children from the Reception and helped the younger children read their books. What a great day!

As part of our Going Green topic, we had a visit from Greenpeace.  We listened to a talk about the work that Greenpeace does and then we had a workshop where we found out more about different types of plastic and the damage that plastic containers can do to animals and the environment.  We took part in little quizzes to find out what food items contain plastic!  We are all going to try really hard to use less plastic!

This half term in Year 3 the children have been learning all about plants as part of their ‘Going Green’ topic. They have learnt about the different parts and functions of the plant while observing real plants. They also planned and carried out an investigation to see what seeds need in order to germinate, learning about variables and fair testing. The children analysed their results and were impressed to find out that plants don’t just grow in soil!

3LB have been impressing Mrs Barrow with exploring fractions. They have even began to discover equivalent fractions using the Singapore bar and Cuisenaire rods

Term 3

This half term the children have thoroughly enjoyed using a range of primary and secondary sources to find out how Bristol has changed in the last 150 years! A highlight of their topic was visiting M Shed where the children had an opportunity to learn all about Bristol’s floating harbour, its important role as a trading port and some of the industries. They especially enjoyed learning all about Bristol’s chocolate factories and had a chance to experience what it was like to be a worker in the 1940s!

As part of our Science topic, the children have been learning about the human body. They learnt about the skeleton, joints and muscles and then made their own articulated hand! The children were fascinated by the workings of the hand and had to persevere to make this tricky model!

Term 2

3LB absolutely loved their trip (even if it was a bit wet on the way back!) to Whitchurch Library. The children’s behaviour was impeccable and they showed a real interest in all of the exciting books the library had to offer. Whitchurch library were very pleased to see so many children reading their lovely books and invited the children to come back whenever they would like!

3LB were so proud of their exciting class assembly as they took parents and the other children in Year 3 and 4 on a journey across Europe. Travelling via plane, boat and train to Norway, France and Greece, 3LB demonstrated an excellent (and at times humorous!) understanding of the culture and geography of the different countries. Mrs Barrow was really impressed with how much effort the children (and parents!) put in to both learn their scripts and dress up as their character. Thank you very much to all of the families of 3LB for showing your support – you were a fantastic audience, even joining in with the quiz at the end!

The children have adored writing their diaries based on the Polar Express and produced some excellent art work based on the Northern Lights.  

Inspired by the Polar Express story, the children designed, created and evaluated a box to keep the bell safe. Santa would be very happy!   

Term 1

3LB have been doing lots of reading this half term!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading each other’s’ French poems. Each child wrote their own poem using descriptive language about the lavender fields in Provence.


3LB have also been studying The Iron Man and have enjoyed getting to know the characters by using inference to predict what they might have thought or said.

3LB have loved finding out all about France, especially in their Geography lessons when they made a salt dough 3D map, complete with rivers and mountains. The children can now explain the differences between human and physical features, and are experts at identifying rivers and oceans!

3LB loved going to a French Café and trying lots of different foods including croissants, brioche, baguettes, crepes, a variety of French cheeses, paté, tarte au citron, crepes and lots of apricot jam!

The children have been superstars while learning French this term and we hope you have enjoyed them teaching you the new phrases they know. Next term the children will continue to learn even more French!