• Mr Geoff Mason

    Head Teacher

  • Mr Robert Farley

    Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor

  • Mrs Jo Deane

    Clerk to the Governors

  • Mr Matt Stannard

    Co-opted Governor / Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs Elizabeth Cocks

    Local Authority Governor

  • Mrs Alison Sheppard

    Co-opted Governor

  • Josephine Hall

    Co-opted Governor

  • Mrs Anne Falconer

    Associated Governor

  • Mrs Priya Krishnan

    Co-opted Governor

  • Karen Davey

    Parent Governor

  • Lynne Watson

    Vice Chair / Parent Governor

  • Rachel Drew

    Staff Governor

  • Sonya Williams

    Co-opted Governor

Committee Group Membership and Chairmanship

Finance and Personnel Committee

Karen Davey, Bob Farley, Matt Stannard, Geoff Mason, Lynne Watson and SBM (Judith Ralfs)

Chair of the Finance Committee – Karen Davey.


Curriculum and Standards Committee

Anne Falconer, Bob Farley, Matt Stannard, Geoff Mason, Rachel Drew, Lynne Watson, Alison Sheppard, Priya Krishnan

Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee – Anne Falconer


Premises and H&S Committee

Josephine Hall, Karen Davey (& Jane Evans). Jason Brady & Steve Taylor will be invited to attend the meetings.

Chair of the H&S committee – Jo Hall


Safeguarding Committee

Sonya Williams, Verity Rookes, Matt Stannard, Geoff Mason, Liz Cocks, Lynne Watson. Debbie Trotman (Learning Mentor) will also be invited to meetings.

Chair of the Safeguarding Committee – Liz Cocks.


SEN Governor - Liz Cocks

Discipline Committee / Staff Dismissal Committee / Staff Dismissal Appeal / Pupil Exclusion / Pupil Exclusion Appeal - Committee members confirmed when panel is required.