Miss Drew

Term 6

We have had so much fun in this lovely weather!

For Science week, we investigated materials. We found out which was the best material for a paper aeroplane. We made castles out of a range of materials and attacked them with water balloons to see which ones were the strongest! We investigated which materials would keep an egg safe when dropped, and which would make a good parachute for an egg.


In Music lessons, we have been learning the Glockenspiel and recorder! Miss Drew and Miss Bird have been so impressed with our musical ability.

Term 5

We have been learning all about vegetables and growing!


We have done some fantastic still life this term in Art. We have used sketching pencils, charcoal, pastels and watercolours to create lovely pictures of fruit and veg.


In Computing, we have been learning how type on the computers and iPads.


We conducted an experiment with cress in Science. We grew it in a range of conditions to see what would happen.


In English, we explored the story Oliver’s Vegetables. We wrote dialogue for the characters.

Term 4

We have started learning about Forces in Science. We investigated toys, and whether they required a push or a pull force to move. Later this term we will be conducting experiments involving floating and sinking too!


With Miss Bird, we discussed exciting events that had happened to us in our lives so far.


In Maths, we did some weighing and measuring. We compared objects and used language such as heavier and lighter.

Term 3

We have been learning about life in the Victorian times! We have played with Victorian toys and explored all sorts of Victorian artefacts. We learned about how schools were different.


We have been learning about place value in Maths.


In Science, we have been investigating materials and their properties. Next week, we are going to conduct an experiment to see which material will keep Barnaby Bear dry!


With Miss Bird, we made friendship flowers.


We have also been trying hard to learn new vocabulary. We are enjoying reading Mary Poppins together at the moment! We have been telling Miss Drew all about the ‘author of the term’ books that we have read at home.

Term 2

What a busy start to Term 2!

We had a fantastic Good Deed Day for Children in Need. We made thankyou cards for special people around our school and we helped out the new Reception children.


We have been looking at shapes and money in Maths. Miss Drew has been very impressed with our knowledge! We have talked about the properties of 2d and 3d shapes, and we have been working out how to pay for things with the right coins.


We have been doing some yoga. We find it very relaxing.


We have started learning about African animals, and are very excited for our visit from Noahs Ark!

Term 1

What a brilliant start to Year One! We have been working so hard. We read the story of the lost alien Beegu. We wrote questions for things we would ask if we met her.


We have also been exploring the Numicon and numbers.


In Music, we listened to a range of sounds and played ‘sound bingo’ to identify them. We talked about whether they were ‘high’ or ‘low’ pitched sounds.