Miss Glass

Term 4

In Literacy, we are starting to learn about newspaper articles and how they are written. We had a lot of fun looking at different newspapers and discovering their features. We found out that a newspaper needs to include: a headline, a newspaper name, by-lines, range of different stories, pictures, date, journalist names and a range of stories. We are really excited to start writing our own newspaper articles about The Great Fire of London!

Term 3

We have been studying the Tudors for our topic in term 3 and it has been brilliant! We have been looking at Tudor art, and how they used repeating patterns a lot in their pieces. We created a Tudor pattern and then carved them into a polystyrene tile. After that we used a roller to paint our tile and then printed a repeating pattern with alternating colours. We had lots of fun and our patterns turned out really well!

Term 2

We have been learning about different habitats in science.


We decided to have a look around Bridge Farm and look at the different things that live in our school habitat. We had a lovely time finding out what trees all the different leaves came from, and we thought about why the animals and insects that we found chose to live in our school habitat. We then decided to create our own microhabitats based on what we had learnt on our nature walk. We used different things found on our school site (leaves, twigs, grass etc) to build some cosy microhabitats!

Term 1

Our topic for term 1 and term 2 is India. In art, we have been learning about Rangoli patterns; what they are used for, how they are made and then we created our own! We learnt about the festival of Diwali and how Hindus draw Rangoli patterns outside their homes to welcome the god Krishna. We looked at different pictures of Rangoli patterns and we made a list of features that they had (lots of different shapes, bright colours). Then we had a go at drawing our own! We had to be really precise and careful with the detail, some of us managed to keep it symmetrical too. We then upscaled our drawings onto the playground; we used chalk to make them colourful.