Miss May

Term 6

As part of our Living Things topic we went to the zoo. We had the chance to explore all the animals as well as take part in an exciting educational talk. We learnt about the different animal kingdoms and had to sort the babies with their mothers; thinking about how each animal was born (live, egg etc.) We then got the chance to hold a cockroach, stroke a ferret and touch a snake! We had so much fun!

Term 5

Term 5 has been very exciting for 2CM!


We know it is a little late but take a look at some of the photos from the dentist visit! We put gel on our teeth to see which areas we missed, when cleaning.


This term we have been looking at the history of Pirates. We have completed lots of writing based on the story ‘The Pirate Cruncher’, this involved some descriptive writing as well as writing our own journey tale. In Art, we have been creating collages. We have used mixed media to create a landscape of a boat in the sea. Using blending methods to paint, as well as ripping up paper, we created some fantastic art work.


Take a look at some of our work below.

Term 4

We have started learning about Forces in Science. We investigated toys, and whether they required a push or a pull force to move. Later this term we will be conducting experiments involving floating and sinking too!


With Miss Bird, we discussed exciting events that had happened to us in our lives so far.


In Maths, we did some weighing and measuring. We compared objects and used language such as heavier and lighter.

Term 3

In Music this term, we have been focussing on the genre Rock. We have listened to and appraised a range of songs from this genre, learned a new song ‘We Wanna Play in a Band’ and also learned the music to go with it. Take a look at our performance below.


In addition, we have been learning about the Tudors. The children have really enjoyed learning about his wives, as well as how he came to rule England. In art, we have been drawing portraits of significant people during this period of time and repeating patterns.

Term 2

We kick started Term 2 with our very own Diwali Day Celebration.


We had such an amazing, fun-filled day, jam-packed with super activities based on India and Diwali. We painted our very own Diya lamps, cooked a tasty curry (followed by a banquet where we could eat what we had made!), performed the story of Rama and Sita and finally ended the day with some Bollywood dancing! This was all whilst we were dressed in our very own Indian themed outfits.

Term 1

To start off our Indian topic, we looked at a range of Indian animals and carefully drew them into our books. After experimenting on the playground with different Rangoli patterns, we then designed our own patterns and put them into our animals. Finally, we painted them. Take a look at our results below.

In maths, we have been exploring numicon. Well looked at odd and even numbers, added them and noticed the patterns when doing so. Some of us then moved on to writing fact families. Take a look at some photos below.