Miss Sharp

Term 3

We had some Hindu visitors come into school to teach us about Hindu festivals, traditional clothing and religious-inspired art. It was a fantastic morning and some of us even managed to try on the clothes!

Term 2

  In art lessons, we have been using our painting skills to create some very effective African scenes. First, we painted the sunsets, carefully blending the colours. We then drew the outlines of different African animals and cut out to create silhouettes. Have a look of some of the fantastic work done by children in 4RS.

Term 1

 4RS has had an excellent start to the year. The children produced some fantastic projects about the Egyptians over the summer holiday and they have talked about them with much pride to the rest of the class. I would like to thank the children for their hard work – and also parents too for their help and support. The projects were greatly appreciated.


         The children started the year with an archaeological dig! They enjoyed discovering a range of Egyptian artefacts and suggesting what they would be used for, before using iPads to research them. You can see some pictures here.


         Also, they have been learning the ‘Amazing Egyptians’ song in class. You can listen to the children singing here.