Miss Sheppard

Term 4

As part of our science topic this term, 5VS have been learning about life cycles of different animals. We were really excited when the 10 eggs arrived and we got to watch them hatch! Here are photos of the children holding the chicks for the first time.

Term 3

5VS have really enjoyed our topic on materials in science. We have conducted lots of investigations, testing the different properties of materials. In this experiment, the children were given a ‘mystery mixture’ which they had to try and separate using a variety of equipment. Miss Sheppard was proud of how they all kept persevering and worked as a team.

Term 2

In art this term 5VS have been looking at the vibrant patterns used on Norman shields. Using collaging techniques, they have created their own Norman shields. Here is some of their fantastic work!

Term 1

In science, Year 5 made Plasticine boats to investigate why some objects float. Our first attempts were not very successful but they improved when we tried again.