Miss Southon

Term 5

Term 4 in 2VS is all about Pirates! In Art, we explored painting and collage to create our own Pirate sea pictures. Using poster paint, we mixed our own colours for the sunset and added water to create a wash effect. We then repeated this process for the sea, making sure we had a range of shades and tones. We then used collage to make our pirate ships and designed our own flags. We then ripped our sea to create the white, rough edges and layered it on underneath the sunset to create the effect of the choppy sea. When we got near the bottom of the page, we stuck on our ship and layered the last few pieces of sea over the ship to create the effect of the waves coming up the sides!

Term 4

In Literacy, we have been newspaper reporters and linking our work to our History topic. We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London, writing diary entries as Samuel Pepys as well as reporting on this terrible event in newspaper articles.


In order to do this successfully, we first identified the main structural features of newspaper reports as well as the language features. This then generated our success criteria, which helped us write effective and impactful reports!

Term 3

During Music this term, we have been focussing on the Rock genre. Each lesson has begun with listening and appraising a different Rock song including Queen, Status Quo and Deep Purple. We have played lots of games to help find the pulse of a song, as well as hear how pitch changes.


We then learnt how to sing our own Rock song ‘I Wanna Play in a Band’, and play the instrumental sections on our own Chime Bars. We even then began to improvise with our own instruments to accompany certain sections of the song. We then performed it as a whole class, where we sang, played and improvised. We had so much fun!

Term 2

We kick started Term 2 with our very own Diwali Day Celebration.


We had such an amazing, fun-filled day, jam-packed with super activities based on India and Diwali. We painted our very own Diya lamps, cooked a tasty curry (followed by a banquet where we could eat what we had made!), performed the story of Rama and Sita and finally ended the day with some Bollywood dancing! This was all whilst we were dressed in our very own Indian themed outfits.

Term 1

This term we are learning all about India. We have begun to discuss India’s annual ‘Festival of Light’ Diwali and have linked this to our Art project. We have studied Rangoli patterns and how they are used to celebrate Diwali. We had a go at creating our own, and then recreated them on a large scale on the playground with chalk! We then drew some Indian animals and filled them with beautiful Rangoli patterns to create our very own Indian inspired artwork.