Mr Dixon

Term 2

In Maths we have been learning about the area and perimeter of shapes. We’ve been conducting lots of investigations, working out the areas and perimeters of all different types of shapes. We first practised on our whiteboards using squares, before moving on to just using the lengths of the edges to help us with our calculations.

Term 1

To start off our Egyptian topic, we became archaeologist and dug through sand to find some ancient Egyptian artefacts, using brushes to take extra care. We discussed what we thought each object was used for and then used iPads to find out what they really were.

This term, we have been learning about Ancient Egyptians and looking at the process of mummification. We has lots of fun acting out the process with some of us playing the mummy and others the embalmers! Then, we used tomatoes to perform our very own mummification process – we will be looking at them in two weeks’ time to see how well they have been preserved.