Mr Lund

Term 4

Through History and English, Year 6 have been learning about the Maya civilisation. As part of this topic, we created Maya- inspired clay tiles. Have a look at our ornate designs: what aspects of the Maya culture can you see in our designs?

Term 3

In Y6 (Term 4) we have continued our historical study of Britain and looked into what life was like during the Second World War. We have compared and contrasted this to life in World War One and how technological advances caused changes in warfare. Pupils have shown empathy and imagined themselves in the shoes of British civilian after a Blitz raid by the Luftwaffe. In order to capture the atrocities and horrors of the aftermath of the Blitz, we have really focused on our use of descriptive and figurative language techniques. We know, as writers, we need to capture the audience and ensure they are engaged with reading our writing. What emotions are stirred by the recounts? How do they make you feel?

Term 2

In Y6 we have started our historical study of Britain and looked into what life was like during the First World War. We were left mesmerised by the quality of research and home learning completed by each pupil and these have been displayed in our classes. Pupils have studied what life was like on the frontline trenches of the Western Front and the horrors and atrocities of trench warfare. We have completed poetry based on the work of Wilfred Owen to communicate how soldiers felt.

Term 1
to view Morfa Bay photos see link under our school tab

As you know, Year 6 had an amazing time at Morfa Bay. Just look at the photos!

During English lessons, we have been exploring recounts. Why not have a look at our first pieces of writing, which recall our memories, and read about our adventures?