Mrs O'Reilly and Mrs Stockall

Term 1

3OS have been enjoying lots of reading this term.  We love to read our favourite books during the week.


We are also reading our class novel of the Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan which is making us feel very hungry!

3OS were lucky enough to be visited by some Year 3 Medical Students from Bristol University.  They explained all about the body, showed us how to find our pulse and showed us how to use some different medical instruments such as the tendon hammer and the stethoscope.  We had great fun learning how to be a doctor!

3OS have loved learning about France and starting to learn French this term.


We have explored maps and atlases and discussed physical and human geographical features.


We created our own 3D salt dough maps of France including mountains, main cities and rivers. We used a key to help identify the different physical geographical features.

We finished our French topic with a French café. We used the French we have learnt this term to ask for foods and say please (s’il vous plait) and thank you ( merci).

We really enjoyed trying and discussing the different traditional French foods.

We tried different cheeses, baguette, pate, quiche, tarte au citron, crepes, croissants and pain au chocolat.

C’etait delicieux!

We have loved learning about magnets in Science this term. We used our knowledge of magnets to create a magnetic game. We had a lot of fun designing and making them and even more fun playing them!

This term we have been focusing on perspective drawings. We starting with trying to draw our local landscape of Bridge Farm and enjoyed going out into the field to draw our landscape.


You can see our final Art piece of Provence inspired perspective paintings outside our classroom.


We have loved learning about forces in science this term. We experienced the force of up thrust by watching a bottle rocket explode into the air and we made our own balloon rockets shoot across the classroom.