Mrs O'Reilly and Mrs Stockall

Term 4

As part of our ‘Going Green’ topic we had some visitors from Bristol University who were teaching us how to be eco warriors. We found out all about how climate change is caused and how we can help prevent climate change by recycling and reusing. We played some games all about recycling and we made piggy banks and photo frames from recycled objects. It was great fun!

Term 3

We have been exploring the history of Whitchurch and learning about how it has changed over the last 100 years. We have looked at census’, old maps and pictures of some of the houses and buildings.

Did you know that Bridge Farm Primary School used to be a farm and that the Folk House ,behind the KS2 playground, used to be the old farm house?

This term we have been learning about the human body. We’ve learned about the skeleton, what it does and can name most of the main bones in the human body. 3OS performed an exciting and informative assembly all about the human body.


They particularly enjoyed learning and performing enthusiastically a fantastic song called ‘Name those bones’.

We have been learning about the bones and muscles in our Science lessons. Today we looked at the relationship between the bones and muscles; and how muscles help us to move. We made a hand using straws and wool to show how the muscles in our hand help to move the fingers! We showed great teamwork and resilience!

This term we have been looking at different printing techniques in our Art lessons. We tried using different objects to create patterns, such as potatoes, apples, lego bricks and holly cutters. We then tried to create an x-ray image of our hand by printing the bones using straws of different lengths.

This term in Literacy we have explored explanation texts. First, we learnt about the different features and practiced using time adverbs to help order and causal conjunctions to explain how and why.


We invented our own time machines and wrote technical, detailed and inventive explanation texts explaining how our amazing time machines work.

Term 2


In Music we have been looking at different European composers. This week we looked at Vivaldi and listened to his ‘Winter’ from the Four Seasons. We talked about the music; discussed what we liked about it; and how Vivaldi had created the feeling of winter. We then worked in small groups and composed our own soundscape for winter. We considered the pitch and dynamics of the music as well as how we would start and finish our piece. We then performed the pieces in front of the class!

On Wednesday, 14th November we met some medical students from the University of Bristol. They told us lots of interesting facts about the body and they showed us how to find our pulse. We learned how to use some medical equipment including a stethoscope and learned how to test our reflex actions! It was great fun!

As part of our Literacy topic we looked at the picture book, The Umbrella and investigated a poem called The Curious Dog which had been written based on the book. We explored the different vocabulary that had been used in the poem and then we had a go at writing our own poems.

Term 1

In Geography, we are exploring maps and atlases. We learned about the World’s continent and oceans by playing the game ‘Where in World?’

In teams, we raced across to collect a label before returning to our group to decide where it should go.

We have learned that there are 7 continents and 6 oceans in the world.

In science this term we are learning about forces. We explored the force friction. We carried out an investigation to find out which surface causes the most friction between table top, carpet, cling film, silver foil and sandpaper. To find out, we rolled a car down a ramp onto the different surfaces and measured how far it went. The further it went, the less friction the surface causes.

Over the summer, in preparation for the start of Year 3, 3OS carried out some very interesting and thorough research on a famous French person.


We hope you enjoy finding out some fascinating facts about these famous French faces.

To end our France topic we had a French café. We learnt how to ask for something, say thank you and please and express our opinion in French.


We loved trying traditional French foods although none of us were particularly keen on the French onion soup!


In Geography we have been exploring Europe and in particular France. After learning about the physical and human geographical features we created our own 3D maps of France.


We made our own salt dough out of flour, salt, water and cream of tartare and gradually built up our maps of France.


We looked at the shape of the country, where the capital city is, where the main rivers are and where the mountain ranges are.


We will then paint them when they are dry.


In Art we have been exploring different painting techniques. We enjoyed using these in our perspective sketches and paintings of Provence.


In Science we have been learning about forces and investigating magnetic forces. We used our knowledge of attracting and repelling poles to devise and create our own magnetic games. We had lots of fun making them and even more fun playing them!.